Chris Marcus: A Run On Physical Silver Started The Last Few Months? Paper Claims Are Over 500x Metal

Wall St. For Main St., Released on 7/12/20 (Recorded on 7/7/20)

Jason Burack of Wall St for Main St interviewed returning guest, former professional Wall Street equity options trader and Wharton MBA graduate, Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics, to talk about gold and silver markets and also his new book about the silver market that just came out.

During this 40+ minute interview Chris talks about the astounding number of paper claims (500 or more) that there are on each ounce of physical silver on the COMEX & LBMA where silver futures contracts are traded.

Chris talks about how the SIlver Guru, David Morgan says that if OTC derivatives are included than it is a lot more than 500.

Chris also talks about the ongoing RICO case against JP Morgan for spoofing gold and silver trades by the US Department of Justice and how a run on physical silver may now be occurring starting a few months ago with 90 million ounces of silver taken for delivery in a very short amount of time.

Jason Burack is an investor, entrepreneur, financial historian, Austrian School economist, and contrarian. Jason co-founded the startup financial education company Wall St for Main St, LLC, to try to help the people of Main Street by teaching them the knowledge, skills, research methods, and investing expertise of Wall Street. You can also find Jason’s work at his blog website at

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