Chris Irons: Bank Crises, Fed Pivots, and The Hard Landing Reality

Palisades Gold Radio, Released on 3/15/23

Tom welcomes back Chris Irons from the Quoth the Raven podcast to discuss the lack of fear in the markets, which is questionable considering the current circumstances. We are still far from the despair of a bear market, and the belief in a return to normalcy has kept equities overvalued. Recent events have pointed to a much harder landing than predicted, and this is just the beginning of the problem cycle. It may take months for rate hikes to affect the financial plumbing and cause further dominos to fall. Nobody knows if the Fed has things under control or when more issues will arise. The Fed is attempting to quell panic with more panic, and they will likely choose to let inflation win over destroying the economy. This should be a great time for precious metals investors to sit back, relax, and watch the show. The Fed will probably be late with the right response, kick-starting a supercycle for gold. Eventually, they will cave and resume printing, supposedly to restore prosperity. Any move by the Fed will be amplified substantially. Chris believes there will be a major blow up within crypto and the stablecoins, with most of the dollar-pegged coins eventually going to zero. He suggests if dabbling the space then invest solely in Bitcoin and avoid other riskier crypto assets. Lastly, he touches upon the problems with the dollar’s reserve status and a recent interview with Andy Schectman on Kitco.

0:00 – Introduction
0:36 – Panic With Panic
6:29 – Market Psychology
9:36 – Speculative Excrement
14:16 – Contagion Risks
18:04 – Soft Landing/Bailouts
23:12 – Market Risk & Gold
27:22 – Fed Policy Effects
29:16 – Inflation Re-Targeting
32:55 – Crypto Contagion & Banks
39:20 – Crypto Dollar Peg Frauds
43:50 – Dollar Hegemony Status
47:25 – Wrap Up

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