Checking in with Charles Hugh Smith

UPThinking Finance, Released on 6/7/24

Can we find an answer to the world’s ills? Is a return to a gold standard feasible? Can we keep our current system from imploding? Do we even want to? In this conversation, Charles Hugh Smith gets into the weeds on the socioeconomic issues we’re facing. We talk about whether or not a new economic system is the answer or if a focus on relocalization and self-reliance may be key to inciting change.

[2:34] Why the gold standard isn’t sustainable
[8:47] Can we keep our current system from imploding?
[14:50] What could a new economic system look like?
[21:32] What about a universal basic income?
[27:23] Increasing rates of hopelessness and depression
[37:34] Relocalization: Self-reliance in the 21st century
[42:43] The next generation was born for this time
[44:12] The systems we rely on are failing, so what’s next?
[49:29] Why we’re positive about the future of humanity

Charles Hugh Smith writes the Of Two Minds blog which covers an eclectic range of timely topics: finance, housing, Asia, energy, long-term trends, social issues, health/diet/fitness and sustainability. From its humble beginnings in May 2005, Of Two Minds now attracts some 200,000 visits a month. Charles also contributes to AOL’s Daily Finance site and has written eight books, most recently Money and Work Unchained.

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