Brent Johnson: Did the Saudis Just Kill the Dollar?

ITM Trading, Released on 6/21/24

“The reason the U.S. needs to print more money is because there’s a demand for it,” says Brent Johnson, CEO of Santiago Capital and creator of the Dollar Milkshake Theory. He tells Daniela Cambone that the petrodollar will not be jeopardized despite recent headlines. Johnson explains the history behind why Saudi Arabia began selling oil primarily in dollars in the 1970s and why this practice will continue. “Saudi Arabia has always had the option to sell oil in currencies other than the dollar. They do so to a limited extent, but even when invoiced in another currency, it’s still priced in US dollars,” he says. Johnson also discusses the political troubles in Europe due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, stating, “I feel like the whole Ukraine situation is, in many ways, the U.S. sacrificing Europe.” Watch the insightful interview to learn more about Johnson’s thoughts.

00:00 Saudi Arabia and petrodollars
12:24 Petrodollar system
15:00 Saudi Arabia Joins CBDC Project mBridge
19:16 BRICS
24:08 The risk of Euro collapsing
27:46 ECB rates cutting
29:42 China gold buying
31:44 De-dollarization

Brent Johnson is the CEO of Santiago Capital. Brent brings twenty five years of experience in the financial markets to his position as CEO of Santiago Capital where he manages the portfolios of high net worth individuals and families via separate accounts and private funds. Brent worked more than nine years as a Managing Director at BakerAvenue, a $2 Billion Asset Manager and Wealth Management firm. Before joining BakerAvenue, Brent spent nine years at Credit Suisse in their private client group. He joined Credit Suisse in the fall of 2000. Earlier in his career, Brent was a financial auditor for Philip Morris Management Company in New York City.

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