Brent Cook: Gold Poised to Perform Well Long Term

Investing News, Released on 3/5/20

There is a value opportunity in junior stocks if you do your due diligence and know what to look for, according to Brent Cook, founder and senior adviser of Exploration Insights.

“Everything I see tells me the price of gold is going to do well over the next 6 months to 3 years, so if you’re into precious metals I think it looks pretty darn good,” he said.

Brent Cook is an independent exploration analyst with over 30 years of experience in both property economics and geology evaluations. Brent received a BSc in Geology from Utah State University in 1978. As a seasoned geologist, Brent’s knowledge spans all areas of the mining business from the conceptual stage through to detailed technical and financial modeling related to mine development and production. He has worked in over 60 countries and in virtually all geological environments, analyzing and providing commentary on proposed mine sites. Brent started Exploration Insights in 2008. In addition to his role as Co-editor since December 2015, he continues to advise funds and companies.​

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