Bob Moriarty: Gold Will See Another Record High Shortly, The Cost of Endless War

Goldseek, Released on 5/4/24

Part 1 (part 2 below)

– Gold is in a correction but “should be headed higher… another record high soon…”
– Bob reviews the XAU gold and silver share index.
– Does low volume in PMs shares suggest big moves are imminent?
– The chart review includes the HUI gold shares index.
– 10 year T-Bill yields suggests key investors are concerned by escalating financial risks.
– Commercial real estate challenges.
– Review of the Case-Shiller Housing Index – is this a double top?
– Is global conflict imminent?
– Is inflation tame? We review the BLS inflation rate chart.
– Remembering gratitude for the honor to live in this nation.

Part 2

– U.S. government expanded the ability of the NSA to spy on the American people.
– U.S. money being sent to Ukraine
– China and Iran feeling threatened by U.S. bases
– Iran vs. Israel, U.S., and NATO, and the balance of power in the Middle East
– Satellite missiles, precise geo-targets, and the advantage of the capabilities of the U.S. military
– The willingness of the U.S. Congress to start WWIII; the threats that other countries around the world feel from the U.S. and vice versa
– The NYC mayor’s desire to give illegals “free money” (U.S. taxpayer’s money)
– The U.S. government is so profoundly corrupt and stupid — who are today’s revolutionaries? They are in the alternative media.
– Bob says if we can avoid WWIII, he believes the U.S. will turn out okay.
– Bob is baffled by Macron sending combat troops to Ukraine.
– The U.S. military-industrial complex doesn’t care about winning wars; it only cares to continue the ongoing personal profitability of wars while bankrupting the U.S.
– Gold bugs may profit from the bull market continuing, but it’s not an overall positive picture considering the dangerous times we are in.
– Remembering gratitude for the honor to live in this nation. Our worst day in America is better than a day in any of the countries immigrants are pouring in from.
– Bob says sentiment indicates the gold rally will continue higher for longer, and mining stocks are in for a very good time.

Bob Moriarty is the founder of, a popular website which features articles, editorial opinions, pricing figures and updates on current events affecting precious metals. Previously, Moriarty was a Marine F-4B and O-1 pilot with more than 820 missions in Vietnam. He holds 14 international aviation records. He is the author of Nobody Knows Anything and Basic Investing in Resource Stocks.

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