Bob Hoye: Russian Revolution 2.0?

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Karl Graz

This guy may be a competent geologist, but when it comes to the war in Ukraine, why it began, how it is progressing, etc. he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. It’s infuriating listening to an idiot like this sounding off about how the Russian army is incompetant and Putin is some kind of evil menace who is going to be removed by his own people. Corrupt, senile, Joe Biden should be loved by his countryman as much as Vladimir Putin is by his!.And when did it become a sign of incompetence to try to avoid the needless killing of innocent civilians, especially in a neighboring country that you will eventually need to interact with in the future. What a jerk!

I will be adding Mr. Hoye to my growing list of Kool Aid drinkers that I will avoid listening to in the future.