Bob Hoye: ‘It’s Going to Be a Very Happy World for Gold Stocks’

Goldseek, Released on 11/26/23

Bob Hoye, Market historian and author, founder of ( offers Market commentary on the recent increase in market volatility from his home office in Vancouver, B.C.

– Our guest is observing heightened financial market risks.
– Fed could soon lower rates – T-bill rates may have peaked and could head lower.
– Gold performs consistently throughout financial market bubbles.
– Gold’s real-price tends to move up following market bubbles, a good sign.
– Expect gold to outperform on a relative basis.
– A multi-year bull market in the XAU and GDXJ could outperform the S&P.
– Bob views the current global economy as a “Post-bubble contraction.”

Bob Hoye is a trained geologist, successful resource investor and economic historian. Bob is the chief investment strategist for He also publishes articles at

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