Bitcoin Fastest Horse in the Race, Gold Headed for the Glue Factory: Stacy Herbert

Stansberry Research, Released on 2/12/21

“I am the central bank,” says Stacy Herbert, an early investor in Bitcoin. She tells our Daniela Cambone that, with Bitcoin, “you are your individual sovereignty, not an individual sovereign hanging out with your bar of gold in a tax haven.” The popular co-host of the Keiser Report and Orange Pill Podcast continues, “We build and we are headed to Mars when you are part of the bitcoin community; we aren’t begging the central banks for anything.” Herbert affirms that the crypto is and will always be her investment vehicle of choice over other assets, including gold and ethereum, calling it “a layer one money.” She also talks about Tesla jumping on the Bitcoin bandwagon, and who she predicts will follow suit. “I think you will see most of the action coming in from the hedge funds and the asset managers,” Herbert says.

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