Billionaire Advice: “Be Early. Sit Tight”: Investing In Gold Mining Stocks | Gold & Silver

I LOVE PROSPERITY, Released on 7/14/21

In this video, we sit down with the long time friend and business partner of Billionaire Eric Sprott. The two of them started a gold mining stock company together, and today Blair Naughty discusses exactly what he’s learned from the billionaire gold and silver investor. He says Eric told him the sage billionaire advice to “Be Early. Buy Right. Sit Tight.” – Today we discuss gold and silver mining stocks, how to know what mining stocks to buy, and how to overcome the fear of loss, dealing with market volatility and more. Blair says he is now used to massive swings in his portfolio, and that is the nature of investing in gold mining stocks. He says that if you have the volatility on the downside, you always have it on the upside as well. So today he breaks down exactly how to invest in gold and silver and what he expects from commodities, mining stocks and more.

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