Bill Holter & Andrew Maguire: Why The Western Economy Can’t Survive

Kinesis Money, Released on 5/27/22

In this week’s Live from the Vault, iconic financial commentator and life-long stockbroker, Bill Holter, joins Andrew Maguire to share his eye-opening examination of the West’s insurmountable debt. As the Fed’s money-printing tactics start to closely resemble a Ponzi scheme, the precious metals expert explains, with mathematical certainty, why the current system is destined for bankruptcy.

00:00 Start
01:30 Bill Holter – the introduction
02:45 Jim Sinclair’s “QE to infinity and beyond” going since 2008
06:05 80% of all the dollars have been printed in the last 2 years!
09:05 About Central Bank Digital Currency (CNBC)
10:50 Bailing is already in place! How to get out of the system!
16:15 Silver as the fuse to break the financial system!
20:00 Silver short positions, nickel blowing up and the Rubicon line
24:35 What would Bill do if he came from Mars?
28:20 Could silver and gold be confiscated?
32:00 Silver’s Backwardation described
35:40 About Exchange of Futures for Physical (EFP)
38:30 Final parting message From Bill Holter

Bill Holter is currently a writer for Miles Franklin and Jim Sinclair’s Mineset where he posts weekly commentaries on gold and financial markets. Prior to joining Miles Franklin in 2012, Bill Holter Worked as a retail stockbroker for 23 years, including 12 years as a branch manager at A.G. Edwards. Later, he left Wall Street to avoid potential liabilities related to management of paper assets. Bill was a well-known contributor to the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA) commentaries from 2007-2012. Bill became a writer for Jim Sinclair’s Mineset in 2015.

Andrew Maguire is an Independent London Metals Trader and Analyst, internationally renowned for his unique ability to read the precious metals market with the knowledge and experience gained over 35 years trading in financial and commodity markets. Andrew sits on the advisory board of a global physical bullion exchange and is a consultant advisor to many international hedge fund managers, bullion banks, directors and metal traders globally.

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