Beware of Shifting Tide, Risk of Big Crash with Dave Collum

WTFinance, Released on 7/10/24 (Recorded on 7/8/24)

On this episode of the WTFinance podcast I had the pleasure of welcoming back David Collum. David is a Professor of Organic Chemistry and leading thinker on markets and the larger world around us. During our conversation we spoke about Dave’s thoughts about the world, why he is still bearish, governments can’t afford pensions, shift from boomers to millennials, societal shifts, what has surprised David, Biden and more. I hope you enjoy!

0:00 – Introduction
1:28 – Dave’s overview of the world?
2:53 – Why is Dave still bearish?
5:37 – Definite bust or potential for small pullback?
7:08 – What will Dave be watching for catalyst?
9:43 – Governments can’t afford pensions
15:28 – Shift from boomers to millennials
23:28 – Societal shifts?
26:10 – What has surprised David?
30:56 – Lag for interest rate cuts to kick in
31:56 – President Biden
39:04 – Next Democrat Candidate?
41:36 – Numen next Bernie Sanders?
44:46 – Dave’s portfolio
50:04 – One message to takeaway from conversation

David B. Collum is an economic commentator, chemist, Betty R. Miller Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Cornell University. He holds a PhD, Columbia University, MS, Columbia University, MA, Columbia University and BS, Cornell University.

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