Andrew Tate dropping absolute truth bombs…

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Shit yeah I am mad about the scamdemic. I am also mad about this BS election and the sloooow steal in front of our eyes. Yeah Oz lost to a radical who never saw a murderer he would give parol to, stroke victim. Huh-huh. Funny how about the exact same time Oz got no votes, the stroke victim’s votes blew up. Like magic. Criminality in plain sight – all over again.

I pray Kari Lake wins and does what her team is promising. 1. Declare an invasion at the southern border and 2. then indict, arrest and convict as best possible, the criminals who stole the 2020 election. Yes folks, this is their promise to the voters of AZ. Bring it!

Third promise, adopt the Florida election process and if possible tighten it up even further. Then divide Maricopa County into four counties to keep it from coming LA at the hands of the panders. Pray folks!