Alex Newman: In Derivative Meltdown, You Won’t Own Anything

Liberty and Finance, Released on 3/9/24 (Recorded on 3/4/24)

You don’t actually own the financial assets you think you own, says Alex Newman, journalist, author, and educator. He discusses how, according to The Great Taking, in the event of a financial collapse, the government and banks could seize financial assets and leave the common man without anything. “As the derivative complex melts down, you’re going to find yourself at the back of the line – as any other creditor – trying to recover scraps from this horrific dumpster fire,” he says. Newman also discusses his recent book “Indoctrinating Our Children to Death” and the insidious nature of our public schools. There is no hope to reform the public school system, he notes, because it’s functioning how it was designed to function. The solution is to abandon the system and pull our children out.

0:00 Intro
1:23 The Great Taking
9:50 “Indoctrinating Our Children to Death”
23:32 New data on climate
27:30 Global control
32:30 Free speech
43:00 Alex Newman online
44:08 Weekly specials

Alex Newman is the founder of and author of the recent book “Deep State.”

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