Adrian Day: ‘We have a real inflation problem’

Stansberry Research, Released on 2/25/23

We are going to see the CPI continue to decline for a couple months before we get a rebound, I think we have a real inflation problem,” asserts Adrian Day, CEO of Adrian Day Asset Management. “The unemployment rate is always at its lowest immediately before a recession,” he tells Daniela Cambone. “I don’t think having low unemployment means we will avoid a recession because of this,” Day continues. “The Fed over its 100-plus year lifespan has given us no reason to be confident that they can find a middle ground between easing and tightening,” he says. “It’s not that the Fed is doing their task badly, which they are, it’s just that their task is impossible,” Day warns. “The U.S. market today is not taking the Fed seriously. It’s back in a mania phase,” he states. “We are getting younger gold investors now. The objective has changed in the last 12 months and you’re seeing that with the shortage of coins from coin dealers, with huge premiums,” Day concludes.

00:00 Do we still have a real inflation problem?
4:33 The change in landscape for employment
7:14 Will rate hikes be around much longer?
8:52 Soft landing scenario
10:16 Is there a middle ground for the Fed’s monetary policy?
11:17 Britain’s economy is declining
14:57 Adrian’s investment strategies
15:12 Breakdown of stocks/how liquid to be right now
19:00 Balloon/China

Adrian Day is the president of Adrian Day Asset Management. Mr. Day spent many years as a financial investment writer, where he gained a large following for his expertise in searching out unusual investment opportunities around the world. He has also authored two books on the subject of global investing: International Investment Opportunities: How and Where to Invest Overseas Successfully and Investing Without Borders. His latest book, widely praised by readers, is Investing in Resources: How to Profit from the Outsized Potential and Avoid the Risks (Wiley, 2010). Mr. Day is a recognized authority in both global and resource investing. He is frequently interviewed by the press, domestically and abroad. He is a popular speaker and frequently invited to lecture at financial conferences and seminars around the world. His pleasures include fine dining, reading (especially history), and the opera.

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