Adem Tumerkan: Disinflation Coming Soon Because of China’s New Credit & Commodities Policy?

Wall St. For Main St., Released on 6/18/21

Adem Tumerkan from Speculators Anonymous made a contrarian guest post video about how and why deflation or disinflation can come in the next few months. There is also brief commentary about Adem’s video and his disinflation thesis by Jason at the end of Adem’s video about China’s credit contraction the last few months and China’s new domestic commodities policies.

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Articles on China’s New Commodities Policies That Jason Mentioned At The End:

1) China to strengthen commodity price controls in five-year plan…

2) China Is Quietly Stepping Up Its Interventions in Markets…

3) China’s Campaign to Control Commodities Goes Into Overdrive…

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