$100 Silver in Play; Keith Neumeyer Talks ‘Price Management’ by the Fed

ITM Trading, Released on 3/7/24

“There’s a rush into gold because of the de-dollarization of the world. It has nothing to do with the interest rates,” asserts Keith Neumeyer, CEO of silver powerhouse First Majestic. In a conversation with Daniela Cambone at this year’s 2024 PDAC Conference, Neumeyer confidently reiterates his vision of silver surpassing $100 per ounce. With 1.2 billion ounces in demand and only 820 million ounces in production, there’s a notable disparity, Neumeyer emphasizes, highlighting the looming silver deficit, set to escalate in 2024.

0:00 Gold price/Fed moves
1:39 Market’s reaction to the Fed
2:29 Silver price manipulation
4:07 Why silver?
5:23 Silver consumption
6:09 Apple’s EV project
6:57 Silver as a critical mineral
8:21 Silver price
9:49 Bitcoin
11:37 First Majestic
12:59 PDAC

Keith Neumeyer is the president and CEO of First Majestic Silver, one of the largest primary silver mining companies in the world. He’s also the founder and chairman of First Mining Finance. Both companies are traded on the Canadian and U.S. stock exchanges.

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