World-Famous MMA Coach Firas Zahabi Has Had Enough Covid Tyranny: ‘It’s Time To Disobey, It’s Our Duty To Have Civil Disobedience’

Tristar Gym, Released on 12/30/21

Firas Zahabi is the owner of Tristar Gym, an elite mixed martial arts gym, and is widely considered to be one of the greatest MMA coaches in the world. He is known for being the trainer of Georges St-Pierre and many other elite MMA fighters throughout his career.

Firas has been fined multiple times for daring to train his fighters in the face of dystopian laws banning indoor exercise. Police have raided his gym on at least one occasion and he’s been the target of government harassment and surveillance for the “crime” of continuing to operate his business. Firas has been speaking out against covid tyranny for the past two years and deserves our support.

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