Will We See Hyperinflation, Navigating the Great Reset | Brent Johnson

Mark Moss – Market Disruptors, Released on 9/19/21

Inflation, or deflation? That is the raging debate today. Will prices continue to skyrocket higher, or is there a big crash coming in the near future?

That’s the conversation we’re having today, with me and my good buddy Brent Johnson. He said, ‘If you believe additional quantitative easing is on the way, then you’re actually a deflationist. And if you believe that they will stop printing so much money, then you’re actually in the inflation camp.”

We’re going to break down what this means, as well as the debt ceiling limit coming up, what’s happening with the dollar, the IMF, the bond, currency markets, and so much more.

Brent Johnson is the CEO of Santiago Capital http://www.santiagocapital.com/.

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