Vince Lanci & Jordan Roy-Byrne: Fed Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Epic Gold Breakout

The Daily Gold, Released on 3/17/23

Gold closed the week at $1973, surpassing key resistance at $1950. Gold also closed at a fresh all time high against the dollar foreign currency basket and at a 2-year high against the stock market. In this video Vince and Jordan discuss the key drivers for this move, the key levels moving forward, Silver and why Gold should ultimately make that major breakout this year.

0:00 Intro
0:25 Jordan Preamble
1:20 Vince Thoughts
8:45 Vince Trading
15:00 Macro Fundamentals
19:00 Vince Fundamentals
24:45 QE & QT
28:12 Silver & Gold Stocks
30:00 Vince on Silver
31:50 Technicals
35:50 Today’s Move
41:00 Fed Meeting
43:30 Follow Vince

Vince Lanci is Managing Partner at Echobay Partners LLC. Vince founded Echobay after a profitable career running CiS Options and Berard Capital. The firm is a vehicle for expressing his and “friends and family” personal investment ideas. Echobay also consults on market structure, risk management, and legal cases involving fraud in markets. Vince is also a regular contribute to

Jordan Roy-Byrne, CMT is a Chartered Market Technician and member of the Market Technicians Association.. He is the publisher and editor of TheDailyGold Premium, a publication which emphasizes market timing and stock selection for the sophisticated investor, as well as TheDailyGold Global, an add-on service for subscribers which covers global capital markets.

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