Twitter Won’t Remove Chinese Official’s Conspiracy Theory Suggesting US Army Secretly Infected Wuhan With COVID-19 Despite ZeroHedge Being Banned For Similar Incident

Zero Hedge, Released on 3/13/20

While Zero Hedge remains banned from Twitter for suggesting that a Chinese level-4 biolab experimenting with bat coronavirus (which is 96% genetically identical to COVID-19) – located roughly


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Doctor Steven Mosher, an expert on China, revealed that currently there are researchers in Chinese jails who were working in the WuHan lab. These researchers were testing on animals the virus they had created (I believe he said a combination of SARS and HIV). The jailed researchers had been monetizing on the animals that survived by selling them then to a local meat market. He said that that is possibly how the virus began spreading and/or if one or more of the researchers had their protective gear off, caught the virus, and then walked into the community.
Upsetting as well was that he said that, many years prior, Chinese researches presented a paper to a scientific international journal on how to infect humans with this virus.
The entire world should come down on any country working on such experiments for they are for only diabolical ends and against humankind…absolute insanity.