‘Vaccinations of everybody should be stopped IMMEDIATELY!’ – Top doc in Canada gives urgent message about the dangers of COVID-19 vax

TruthVideos1984, Released on 6/13/21

The vaccine should never have been released as it is an experimental vaccine.

As with all vaccines, there are complications. There was never enough time given for the clinical trial which only lasted 4 to 6 months.

Very disturbing complications are now coming out.

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Farm Boy

Dose of hope.


Relying on government objectives or a consensus of doctors or any collection of experts to conclude any truth is a stupid logical as well as experiential fallacy. Saddam did not have weapons of mass destruction. Trump did not have a special relationship with Russia. The housing market was not healthy in 2006. Our economy is not in good shape. This “journalist” is not even wondering why “Expert Consensus” continues to damage the world without question. Have journalists been as intimidated as doctors and economists? It appears so. These are propaganda narratives and are very dangerous. We all need to ask “To what end?” And do our own individual research to get answers. God bless the doctor who is committed to truth!

Steve Starr

Thank you for posting this!! An extremely important interview from a truly bona fide expert.
I am passing this link on to friends and colleagues.


My concern is the longer term effects. For example, will the cardiovascular issues get worse in 2, 3 or 5 years? As the doctor stated, we don’t know because it wasn’t tested.

Bob P

It seems the news on deaths from the vaccine is now starting to accelerate. Here’s one of the world’s top doctors (as measured by number of publications) stating that the number of vaccine deaths is 50,000 in the USA alone!


and see this tweet:
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Remember how flu deaths dropped off a cliff last year and many suspected the goverment officials were counting flu deaths as covid deaths? Well, what is there to stop them from disguising all these vaccine deaths and calling it something else for the next year or so before the horrible truth finally leaks out?

Bob P

They’ve been hiding the truth all along, and they’ll continue to do so as long as they can get away with it–and with their control of the media and social media it’s not difficult for them. But a lot of top quality experts are now starting to express their outrage at what’s going on (the video above and the McCullough interview I linked in my prior comment are great examples), and more people every day are waking up, in large part due to great sites like Market Sanity. For me the situation seemed hopeless up to a few weeks ago, but I’m starting to see faint light at the end of this long dark tunnel.