Todd “Bubba” Horwitz: Markets Poised to Collapse as Fed Eyes Full-Point Rate Hike

Stansberry Research, Released on 9/9/22

There’s a very good chance that the Fed “raises rates above expectations,” says Todd “Bubba” Horwitz, the founder of He predicts that the Fed will raise rates, “a full point,” and points to nominal rates, “which are still very negative.” We are well behind the curve and the Fed is trying to catch up, Horwitz continues. He tells our Daniela Cambone, the only way the U.S. can punish Russia and uphold their sanctions is by, “producing oil.” The markets look like they are on a beeline to go lower, Horwitz concludes, saying the upcoming election may trigger devastating effects on markets “as an event.”

00:00 Fed’s another 75-point basis interest hike
3:21 How can we prepare for a more aggressive rate hike?
4:46 Market collapse and food shortage
5:59 The Fed is not independent
7:47 Europe’s winter energy crisis
9:28 Biden’s strategy of inflation control
11:21 What do they gain by eliminating the middle class?
12:08 Metals market crash timeline
13:41 What’s going on with the metals?
15:19 The strength of the U.S. dollar
15:47 Silver products demand
17:00 Final thoughts on investment

Todd Horwitz — known as Bubba — is chief market strategist of He is a regular contributor on Fox, CNBC, BNN, Kitco, and Bloomberg. He also hosts his daily podcast ‘The Bubba Show.’ He is a 36-year member of the Chicago exchanges and was one of the original market makers in the SPX.

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