Tim Pool & Russell Brand: The Mainstream Media Are Trying To Start A CIVIL WAR!!

Russell Brand, Released on 9/14/21

I spoke with Tim Pool on my Under the Skin podcast – in it Tim describes how the US have already entered into a psychological civil war! You can listen to the rest of my podcast with Tim Pool on Apple Podcasts here: http://apple.co/russell

Tim Pool is an American citizen journalist, YouTuber, podcast host, political commentator, and activist who first became known for live streaming the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests. He joined Vice Media and Fusion TV in 2013 and 2014 respectively, later working alone on YouTube and other platforms. Pool operates four YouTube channels.

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Pool tries to bolster his argument by calling 1/6 an insurrection. Ignoring the ID’ed BLM/ANTIFA agent provocateurs, FBI plants (“unnamed and unindicted coconspirators”) and the simple fact that the “rioters” were allowed/welcomed in by Capitol Police/Plants. That’s where I ended his BS. Lie about events to win an argument? BS!