Egon von Greyerz & Grant Williams: The Importance of Wealth Preservation in Today’s Economy

Gold Switzerland, Released on 3/29/23 Grant Williams interviews Egon von Greyerz about the importance of wealth preservation in today’s economy, emphasizing that global debt has tripled in the last 20 years, increasing risk exponentially. Von Greyerz believes that gold is the best way to protect oneself against this risk, as it has helped people survive […]

Something ‘Big’ Is About to Break in Financial System, Don’t Let It Be You, Warns E.B. Tucker

Stansberry Research, Released on 10/14/22 Something is going to break in the financial system, “don’t let it be you, that’s how you have to see things,” exclaims E.B. Tucker, bestselling author of Why Gold, Why Now? [The Fed] is going to raise interest rates until something cracks because, “that gives them some sort of leverage […]

Marc Faber: ‘A Lot Of People Will Lose All Their Money’ – Huge Market Losses Lie Ahead (Part 2/2)

Marc Faber: ‘A Lot Of People Will Lose All Their Money’ – Huge Market Losses Lie Ahead (Part 2/2)

Wealthion, Released on 10/14/22 For Part 1 of this interview, CLICK HERE Fan-favorite forecaster Marc Faber returns for Part 2 of our interview with him to focus on which assets he thinks investors should consider to protect their wealth through the turmoil he sees ahead. Diversification is key in Marc’s eyes, though he does think […]

Ronald-Peter Stöeferle: The Biggest Wealth Destruction Event in History

Palisades Gold Radio, Released on 10/8/22 0:00 – Introduction 1:10 – Inflation Outlook 5:20 – Resource Investment 8:00 – Fed Policy & Intervention 11:28 – Sixty Trillion Wiped 13:14 – Rates & Time Lag 20:40 – Gold Vs. Currencies 23:44 – Miners & Capital Flows 30:42 – Price Distribution Model 35:00 – Wrap Up Ronald-Peter […]

More Economic Pain Is Coming; You Must Get Your House ’In Order,‘ Warns Rick Rule

Stansberry Research, Released on 9/30/22 “My fear is the pain will continue to be felt on a delayed basis, there’s more pain to come,” warns Rick Rule, founder and CEO of Rule Investment Media. He asserts on today’s episode that the Fed’s aggressive rate-hike strategy will lead to even more inflationary pressure, weighing heavily on […]

Mike Maloney: THIS Is Why I Own Mostly Gold & Silver, THEN Crypto

Gold Silver (w/ Mike Maloney), Released on 3/28/22 Join Mike Maloney in today’s important video update focused on the potential for cyber attacks. See the events unfolding that have prompted Mike to prepare as thoroughly as possible for what might be in our future. Download Mike’s best-selling book for free here: Thanks for sharing […]