MARKET MELT UP ACCELERATES: Dangers of the Rising Stock Market with Lynette Zang

ITM Trading, Released on 1/22/20 Slides and Sources:… In my opinion, the final melt-up phase has begun. But before you go rushing into the most nominally expensive stock markets in history, look at the facts. As central banks create new debt money; 1. Purchasing power value is destroyed 2. Public confidence in the ruling […]

Grant Williams: Gold’s rise has just begun

Grant Williams: Gold’s rise has just begun

Macro Voices, Released on 9/6/19 Erik Townsend and Patrick Ceresna welcome Grant Williams to MacroVoices. They discuss global negative yielding debt, outlook on gold and what effect recession will have on the US stock market & more. Grant Williams is the portfolio manager of the Vulpes Precious Metals Fund and strategy advisor to Vulpes Investment […]

Danielle DiMartino Booth | U.S. Government Shutdown Chipping Away At Investor Sentiment

Sprott Money, Released on 1/16/18 Danielle DiMartino Booth, former Adviser to the President of the Dallas Federal Reserve, joins Remy Blaire of Sprott Media, to discuss fundamentals affecting global and national economic growth. The effects of the partial U.S. government shutdown and the U.S.-China trade war are weighed at a time when American wage-earners consider […]