Doug Casey’s Take: Supply Crunch, Inflation, and the Top 3 Western Hemisphere Countries

Doug Casey’s Take, Released on 10/19/21 If you like these podcasts, it’s time to join our email list. It’s quite possible that the censorship hammer will soon fall on us here. Listen for more details. Join our email list to get Special reports and updates: Connect with us on Telegram: Doug Casey is […]

Here’s Why Energy Prices & Shortages Are Going Berserk Globally | Art Berman On Oil, Gas & Coal

Wealthion, Released on 10/12/21 Energy is suddenly headline news. Oil, which traded at negative prices for a brief moment last year due to the global economic slowdown caused by the pandemic, is now expected by a number of analysts to hit $100/barrel soon. Europe is worried about not having enough natural gas to heat its […]

Chris Martenson: Winter is Coming – you need to prepare!

Peak Prosperity, Released on 9/28/21 The policy responses to Covid have been awful, but those failures are utterly dwarfed by the energy and supply chain policy inactions that are bringing us into a very dark winter. While COVID-19 has occupied a lot of our intellectual and emotional energy over the past year and a half, […]

Jason Burack: Stagflation Getting Worse? More Price Hikes & Supply Chain Shortages Coming For Food & Electronics?

Jason Burack: Stagflation Getting Worse? More Price Hikes & Supply Chain Shortages Coming For Food & Electronics?

Wall St. For Main St., Released on 8/29/21 We are getting more and more evidence of real world price hikes, stagflation and supply chain problems, not less like the deflationistas claim! World’s Largest Chip Maker to Raise Prices, Threatening Costlier Electronics… TSMC to increase prices of most advanced chips by roughly 10%; less advanced […]

Doug Casey: Shortages Are Here

Doug Casey’s Take, Released on 6/23/21 00:00 Intro 0:21 Library envy 3:29 Shelf space science, but where are the goods? 5:54 Cars & Chips 11:54 Retail Federation begs Biden 15:02 No trucks 16:40 Oblivious to complex systems 19:02 Raven rock 24:02 People have no real skills 30:30 No backups 32:58 Consequences of short term thinking […]

Chris Martenson: Alert! Inflation & Shortages at Critical Levels

Peak Prosperity, Released on 6/15/21 As your information scout, Dr. Chris Martenson will explain what inflation really is (so you can be smarter at parties) and explain where it really comes from. Importantly, the Federal Reserve’s claim that inflation will be “transitory” is almost certainly wrong. Inflation is rising — caused by printing too much […]

The Everything Shortage and Cryptos of Course – John Rubino

Financial Survival Network, Released on 5/24/21 Cryptos of course Shortages are popping up everywhere. From today’s DC links list: — Companies are panic-buying as supplies run short — Ag’s latest headache: a shortage of pallets for shipping produce — Chick-fil-A suffers sauce shortage amid industry-wide supply chain issues —Social Media Censorship Slammed After Fauci Admits […]

Martin Armstrong – Gold, Dow, Economic Lockdowns, Shortages

Martin Armstrong – Gold, Dow, Economic Lockdowns, Shortages

Howe Street, Released on 5/1/21 Martin Armstrong is a world renown economist and the creator of the Economic Confidence Model. He is the founder of Armstrong Economics – a public service and blog for the average person to comprehend the global economy and for professionals to access the most sophisticated international analysis possible.