Chris Martenson: A New, More Serious Covid-19 Mutation To Worry About (D614G)

Peak Prosperity, Released on 6/23/20 Continuing it’s Keystone Kops manner of dealing with covid-19, the US appears to be caught flat-footed by the resurgence of infections happening across many southern and western states right now. Yes, people are tired of being cooped indoors and wearing masks. Summer is here and they want to get outside, […]

Chris Martenson: Will We See A Covid-19 Spike In The Next 3-5 Weeks?

Peak Prosperity, Released on 6/9/20 State lockdowns lifting across the US. businesses and public spaces opening back up. Mass protests bringing thousands together in close quarters. Will we see a resurgence in covid-19 infections as a result? Unknown at this moment, but we shouldn’t have long to wait. Chris predicts we’ll know one way or […]

Chris Martenson: Is Covid-19 Over?

Peak Prosperity, Released on 6/2/20 Global deaths from covid-19 are on the wane. Most countries and states are starting to remove lockdown restrictions. And now we’re starting to see medical claims that the SARS2 virus is losing potency. Is the covid-19 pandemic finally over? Not quite, cautions Chris. Yes, there are encouraging signs that fatalities […]

Chris Martenson: 100k+ US Coronavirus Deaths And A Total Lack Of Common Sense

Peak Prosperity, Released on 5/26/20 Today, US deaths from covid-19 crossed above 100,000. The worldwide casualties (that we know of) now exceed 350,000. Whether or not we as a society can agree on the health risks of covid-19 or whether the national lockdowns it has triggered are worth the resulting economic damage, hopefully we can […]