The Great Reset: SDRs, Deflation & Gold’s Coming Catch Up Phase

Gold Silver (w/ Mike Maloney), Released on 6/24/21 The ‘Great Reset’ is coming – but what is it? What role will the ‘SDR’ play? What does it entail for holders of precious metals? Join Mike Maloney, Mr Jeff Clark and Adam Taggart as they discuss the latest news from around the world. Viewer feedback, Chart […]

Lynette Zang: Global Elite’s “Great Reset” Agenda: Why You Must Get Out of The System!!!

ITM Trading, Released on 5/2/21 In this video, we do an hour long special with Lynette Zang from ITM trading. She discusses her views on the IMF plan to replace Gold/Silver with a Digital SDR. We talk about Gold/Silver and why you should leave the system as much as possible. She talks about the best […]

George Gammon: Prepare For IMF Plan To Replace Bitcoin/Gold/Dollar With Digital SDR!! (America’s Dystopian Future)

I LOVE PROSPERITY, Released on 4/27/21 In this video George Gammon shares fantastic info on the Dystopian Future of America & how to prepare ourselves mentally, so that we can create a better world. He talks about the IMF plan to replace Bitcoin/Gold/Dollar with a digital currency from central banks, and how to adopt the […]