Danielle DiMartino Booth discusses the path for the U.S. economy and Fed as 2020 begins

TD Ameritrade Network, Released on 1/3/20 Danielle DiMartino Booth spent nine years as an advisor to Richard W. Fisher at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Danielle left the Fed in 2015 to found Money Strong, LLC, an economic consulting firm and launched a weekly economic newsletter She is the author of Fed Up: An […]

BACK WITH A VENGEANCE: Big Banks, Repo Markets, and More

ITM Trading, Released on 12/30/19 The Damage is Done. Remember the term “Too Big to Fail” used for systemically important Banks? Well these companies have exhausted this title, and been over inflated to such a degree, experts are now calling them “Too Big NOT to Fail” (except now the failure looks completely different, like a […]