Danielle DiMartino Booth: How the Democrats’ economic policies are continuing to harm the economy

Fox Business, Released on 12/29/21 Danielle DiMartino Booth is CEO & Chief Strategist for Quill Intelligence LLC, a research and analytics firm. She spent nine years as an advisor to Richard W. Fisher at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Danielle left the Fed in 2015 to found Money Strong, LLC, an economic consulting firm and […]

Crypto Crackdown: How Gary Gensler and the Infrastructure Bill Are Looking to Tame the “Wild West”

Stansberry Research, Released on 8/10/21 From the Senate’s infrastructure bill to the chair of the SEC, Gary Gensler looking to tame the “wild west’ of crypto, there are many changes happening in the cryptocurrency world. Our Daniela Cambone speaks with Vince Lanci, founder of Echo Bay Partners and a contributor to Zerohedge, about the latest […]