Robert Kiyosaki: Real Estate Crash – This Is All About Fascist/Communist Control Of Our Lives!

Rich Dad, Released on Released on 12/19/20 During the summer, there were approximately 23 million Americans without jobs. To put that into perspective, in the double-dip recession in 1982, we had 2.7 million. The early 1990 recessions, 2 million; the dot-com bust, 1.9 million; the great recession, 2.6 million. This is 10 times higher than […]

Ken McElroy: The Coming Real Estate Crash Of 2021

Peak Prosperity, Released on 9/8/20 The crazy stock market rally since the March lows has received all the media headlines, but what about real estate? What impact is the coronavirus having on that market? One of the most successful real estate investors we know, Ken McElroy, says that covid-19 is accelerating and exacerbating a bust […]