Chris Martenson: Our Authorities’ Poor Response To The Coronavirus Is Just Making Things Worse

Peak Prosperity, Released on 3/10/20 To Watch Update #43, CLICK HERE Despite having had more time to prepare, most authorities in the US and EU are responding to the coronavirus spread with such ineffectual and wrong-minded measures that they’re just making a terrible situation worse. In today’s video, Chris walks through the ‘gold standard’ process […]

Chris Martenson – An Official Emergency

Peak Prosperity, Released on 3/3/20 To Watch Update #37, CLICK HERE As officials scramble to get in front of a disease that seems to easily evade their slow-footed efforts, SARS-COV-II is growing exponentially in several countries. Iran’s cases and deaths are certainly far higher then they claim, as recent gruesome video evidence supports. The Federal […]

Chris Martenson: The Last Day To Prepare (Mostly)

Peak Prosperity, Released on 2/29/20 To Watch Update #35, CLICK HERE Here on leap day 2020 (February 29th) the US records its first coronavirus death on the continent, a 50+ year-old man in Washington State. Cases continue to grow exponentially in South Korea and Italy. Meanwhile, most hospital systems in western countries are woefully unequipped […]