Customers at Risk: Perth Mint Turns Itself Into a Bank, Using Client Accounts To Generate Interest Income?

GoldSilver Pros, Released on 6/14/21 Not only is Perth mint net short on metal, but they appear to be using client accounts to generate interest income. A CFA explains how the Perth Mint is apparently using customer accounts for interest-earning purposes, essentially turning Perth into a regular bank. This our 3rd video on #PerthMint, unraveling […]

Andy Schectman: Perth Mint Unallocated Gold Account Scam?

Financial Survival Network, Released on 5/22/21 Perth Mint’s unallocated, pooled account program appears to be in trouble. People seeking delivery or allocated metals have been complaining about major delays or even a failure to delivery. In their recent annual report, they indirectly admit that they don’t have the metal. It’s been re-hypothocated to the moon. […]