Charles Hugh Smith: Kiss The Old Normal Goodbye and Embrace The New Normal

Financial Survival Network, Released on 6/15/21 Charles Hugh Smith writes the Of Two Minds blog which covers an eclectic range of timely topics: finance, housing, Asia, energy, long-term trends, social issues, health/diet/fitness and sustainability. From its humble beginnings in May 2005, Of Two Minds now attracts some 200,000 visits a month. Charles also contributes to […]

Danielle DiMartino Booth: ‘A lot of the jobs that were lost are not going to be coming back’

CNBC, Released on 6/7/20 Danielle DiMartino Booth believes companies will have leaner workforces going forward due to structural changes after COVIC-19. Danielle DiMartino Booth is CEO & Chief Strategist for Quill Intelligence LLC, a research and analytics firm. She spent nine years as an advisor to Richard W. Fisher at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. […]

Mohamed El-Erian is very worried about the future of the global economy and markets

Munk Dialogues, Released on 4/23/20 Mohamed El-Erian is the Chief Economic Adviser of Allianz, a multinational financial services company. He is the former CEO and co-Chief Investment Officer of PIMCO, a global investment firm and one of the world’s largest bond funds in the world. Dr. El-Erian also served as a member of the faculty […]