Ned Schmidt: What Will Run out First, The Chickens or The Eggs?

Financial Survival Network, Released on 11/6/19 The swine flu epidemic in China has reached a new phase. Chinese are now switching from pork to chicken. Currently there’s a Chinese Embargo on the importation of US chicken products, which will probably be lifted shortly. Egg demand is also increasing dramatically. Which leads to the question, which […]

Ned Schmidt – Trade War, Repos Fail, China Runs Out of Dollars, The Truth About Fake Meat

Financial Survival Network, Released on 10/10/19 Part 1 (part 2 below) Something crazy is hitting the markets. Why can’t Johnny sell repos anymore. Has QE4 already started? Has the Fed lost control? Lot’s of questions and not many answers. But we do know that gold’s quantity is physically limited, while fiat currency knows no such […]