Max and Dr. Michael Hudson discuss neofeudalism in the modern age

RT, Released on 4/18/20 Max interviews Dr. Michael Hudson, author of ‘Super Imperialism’ , about ‘neofeudalism’ in the modern age. As big banks, hedge funds and private equity receive a ‘debt jubilee’ from the central bank, ordinary Americans are indentured servants to their unpayable debts. Michael Hudson is an American economist, Professor of Economics at […]

Michael Hudson & Max Keiser: The Beginning of the End of Super Imperialism in 2020?

RT, Released on 1/2/20 Continuing with their New Year’s Eve celebrations, the Keiser Report is joined by Dr Michael Hudson, author of Super Imperialism: The Origin and Fundamentals of US World Dominance. Will 2020 see further decline in that super imperialism about which he first wrote all those decades ago? They discuss this and then […]