The NFT Market Is Still Alive. Why? —With Gareth Soloway

The NFT Market Is Still Alive. Why? —With Gareth Soloway

The Deep Dive, Released on 9/15/22 00:00 Introduction 00:20 Is the NFT market still a risk-on environment? 01:52 Should we take the NFT market seriously? 03:13 The Fed’s upcoming interest rate announcement 05:29 What’s next for meme stocks? 09:08 Gareth’s trade ideas Gareth Soloway is a professional trader with over 20 years of experience and […]

Jim Grant on What Inflation Means for Asset Values, Crypto, and Meme Stocks

Hidden Forces, Released on 11/29/21 Jim has been warning his readers about the unintended consequences of overly-accommodative Fed policy and dollar debasement for as long as we have known him and he is uniquely positioned to provide us with the historical context to understand where we find ourselves in the present cycle. What we came […]

‘We’re Coming To The End Of This Game’ – Jim Rogers & Gareth Soloway Discuss Why The Federal Reserve Will No Longer Exist

In The Money Stocks, Released on 6/18/21 Legendary Investor Jim Rogers talks to Pro Trader Gareth Soloway as they discuss crypto, gold, the Federal Reserve, meme stocks and more. This is a ground shaking interview that every investor MUST watch. Where should investors be for the impending catastrophe…. watch and learn! Gareth Soloway is a […]

Gareth Soloway market updates: SPY, Bitcoin, Meme Stocks, Apple, Federal Reserve, Interest Rated And The Next Big Market Move

In The Money Stocks, Released on 6/14/21 Watch this video to gain expert insight into exactly what the Pro Trader with decades of experince Gareth Soloway, sees for the future of #Bitcoin, #stocks and more. ALSO he will show you how to position yourself for the next big more, NOW! Gareth Soloway is a professional […]

Gareth Soloway: AMC, Dogecoin explode, can prices continue to skyrocket?

Kitco News, Released on 6/3/21 AMC shares climbed nearly six fold since mid-May, but news Thursday that the company would sell 11.5 million shares triggered a 20% selloff pre-market. Gareth Soloway, chief market strategist said that more downside action is expected. Soloway discusses with David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, the moves he’s expecting for […]