Jim Grant: Market Risk Is Near The Highest In History

Peak Prosperity, Released on 10/2/20 Famed market analyst and historian James Grant is no fan of the current policies of the US Federal Reserve. He recently wrote: “Distortion in the cost of credit is the not-so-remote cause of the raging fires at which the Federal Reserve continues to train its gushing liquidity hoses. But the […]

David Rosenberg, Yra Harris & Peter Boockvar on Global Risks to the Economy and Financial Markets

Financial Repression Authority, Released on 7/10/19 Click here for the full transcript: http://financialrepressionauthority.c… Yra Harris is a trader with over 32 years of experience in all areas of commodity trading, with broad expertise in cash currency markets. He has a proven track record of successful trading through combination of technical work and fundamental analysis of […]