Legendary Short Seller Marc Cohodes That Called FTX, SVB, and Silvergate Is Now All in on This Battery Maker

Stansberry Research, Released on 7/26/23 The rapid growth of artificial intelligence (“AI”) has tempted many investors to explore the technology sector in an effort to capitalize on the AI trend in its early stages. Today, Daniela interview famed short seller Marc Cohodes, who argues that it’s crucial to prevent negative headlines from influencing your investment […]

Short Seller Marc Cohodes Nailed FTX, SVB, and Silvergate Now Says ‘They’ May Be Next; It’s a Global Scheme

Stansberry Research, Released on 3/15/23 “People fall in love with the shiny object, and in the case of FTX it turned out to be a fake,” says legendary short seller Marc Cohodes. “The world right now lacks people’s ability to actually think. The more I dug in on Silvergate’s clients, one was worse than the […]

Short-Seller Marc Cohodes Fears for the Future, Systemic Risks Post GameStop

Stansberry Research, Released on 2/19/21 Marc Cohodes of Alder Lane Farm has made a living putting bad people behind bars. In this interview with our Daniela Cambone, he speaks candidly about the true culprits behind the GameStop saga. “The stock market is not a game, it’s a serious thing for serious people,” Cohodes says. The […]

Grant Williams, Bill Fleckenstein, and Marc Cohodes discuss short selling and the wild gyrations in equity markets in recent days

The Grant Williams Podcast, Released on 1/29/21 Grant invites two accomplished shortsellers, Marc Cohodes and Bill Fleckenstein to discuss the wild gyrations in equity markets in recent days as a coordinated move by retail investors to attack ‘shortsellers’ and inflict pain upon Wall Street proves to be, in some ways at least, a roaring success. […]