Schiff: Cryptocurrencies are collectible tokens, not assets or money

Fox Business, Released on 6/14/22 Peter Schiff and Charles Payne discuss Celsius, Luna, Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto tokens. They also discuss the stock market, fed, and interest rates. Peter Schiff is an internationally recognized economist specializing in the foreign equity, currency and gold markets. Mr. Schiff made his name as President and Chief Global […]

Gareth Soloway Discusses the Crypto Carnage

Stansberry Research, Released on 5/16/22 “Bitcoin shining during inflation was always a myth,” claims Gareth Soloway, president and CFO of He tells our Daniela Cambone that Bitcoin has never experienced an era without quantitative easing stemming from the Fed, and has a $20,000 high-end and a $12,000 low-end target for the digital asset. “Terra’s […]