Keep Your Eye On China w/ Lior Gantz

RTDtv, Released on 2/11/24 Lior Gantz paints a bleak picture for 2024, with China at the epicenter of potential economic collapse and geopolitical tensions. As globalization falters, the world must brace for the ripple effects of China’s demographic crisis, real estate bubble, and possible turn toward aggression. Lior’s insights urge us to reconsider the foundations […]

Lior Gantz: I’m Looking to Uranium, Natural Gas, and Lithium For ‘Explosive’ Gains

Lior Gantz: I’m Looking to Uranium, Natural Gas, and Lithium For ‘Explosive’ Gains

Commodity Culture, Released on 10/7/23 Lior Gantz of Wealth Research Group has a keen eye on geopolitics and its role on commodities worldwide and he explains how the shift in power around the world has him looking at natural resources with an increasingly bullish eye. Lior discusses his investment thesis for uranium, natural gas, lithium, […]

The Fiscal Debt Recklessness Is A Set Up For The President Election w/ Lior Gantz

RTDtv, Released on 5/18/23 Wealth Research Group’s Lior Gantz discusses the significance of the risk-free rate as a benchmark for the global economy and warns against extending the pain of previous fiscal mismanagement. The 2024 presidential election may very well hinge on whether or not a solution is found as we approach the milestone of […]

Lior Gantz: Things are Escalating Very Quickly, Financial Crisis is Beginning to Happen Everywhere

I LOVE PROSPERITY, Released on 4/10/22 In today’s video, we break down what is currently happening in the global financial system, the next predictions that could occur, gold, silver, inflation, and the ramifications of the Russian/Ukraine situation Lior Gantz has been called a thrill-seeking entrepreneur by his team, and as such, he built and runs […]

Building Wealth, Global Investing, No Market Crash In Sight | Lior Gantz

Mark Moss – Market Disruptors, Released on 9/5/21 What is going on with the financial system regarding the world? Many people are confused about where the markets are going in the near future. I invited a good friend of mine who’s an international investor from Israel, and he’s got a unique perspective on this topic, […]

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