The Bitcoin Debate with George Gammon & Jeff Booth

What Bitcoin Did, Released on 9/27/23 Jeff Booth is the Author of The Price of Tomorrow & CEO/Chairman of Ego Death Capital. George Gammon is an investor, macroeconomics expert & host of The Rebel Capitalist Show. We discuss Bitcoin’s role in the world: its role as a hedge against the tradfi system, its disruptive potential […]

Why the World Needs Assets Such as Bitcoin – Robert Kiyosaki and Jeff Booth

The Rich Dad Channel, Released on 7/28/21 In an inflationary monetary system—growth forever—on a finite planetary system it equals total destruction. To avoid a financial system collapse, today’s guest explains why the world needs assets such as bitcoin, “the only asset that cannot be manipulated.” Jeff Booth, the author of The Price of Tomorrow: Why […]