Chris Martenson: Good News! Up To 50% Of Us May Be ‘Pre-Immune’ To Covid-19

Peak Prosperity, Released on 8/18/20 What’s this? Actual good news?!? A recent study shows that covid-19 may not be as “novel” a virus (i.e., never encountered before) as previously thought. And as a result, 20-50% of the population appears to have a degree of “pre-immunity” to the virus.   Christopher Martenson is a former American […]

Chris Martenson: Your T-Cells Determine Your Covid-19 Risk

Peak Prosperity, Released on 7/16/20 Every since the outbreak of covid-19 we’ve wondered why the virus hits some people like a ton of bricks while barely inconveniencing others. Now we think we have a clue. New data suggests that the specific types of T-cells you have in your immune system determine how severely your body […]

Chris Martenson appears on Fox Business to discuss whether or not recovered coronavirus patients truly have higher immunity to the virus

Fox Business, Released on 4/13/20 Chris Martenson explains how long it will take to determine if people have immunity to coronavirus in order to reopen the economy. Christopher Martenson is a former American biochemical scientist. Currently he is a writer and trend forecaster interested in macro trends regarding the economy, energy composition and environment. He […]

Chris Martenson: Boosting Your Immune System In Defense Against Coronavirus

Peak Prosperity, Released on 4/10/20 As the US approaches the half-million mark of # of people infected with covid-19, Chris shares his personal regimen for keeping his immune system elevated. This is NOT personal medical advice, though Chris shares the research results supportive of his regimen. Meanwhile, the damage to the global economy continues to […]