This is How I’m Positioning My Capital to Survive Coming Recession: David Rosenberg

The Jay Martin Show, Released on 7/29/23 Founder of Rosenberg Research Dave Rosenberg thinks the pie-in-the-sky valuations and attitude towards the current broad market are naive, to say the least. David thinks a recession is all but inevitable and he lays out how he is allocating his capital to survive the crash and profit along […]

Peter Schiff: $1,000 Silver is Possible If This Precious Metals Bull Market Rivals The 1970s’

Silver Bullion TV, Released on 8/11/22 SBTV spoke with Peter Schiff, Chief Economist and Global Market Strategist at Euro Pacific Capital, about why the Fed is likely to tame inflation today and why $1,000 silver may be on the cards if this precious metals bull market rival the 1970s’ gold and silver bull market. Discussed […]

Doug Casey: The NEW Housing Crisis and the largest transfer of wealth in history

Doug Casey’s Take, Released on 12/16/20 IN TODAY’S EPISODE: Are we witnessing the largest consolidation of wealth in human history? Small businesses are being wiped out and it looks like the small landlords might be next. Millions of Americans are behind on rents and mortgage payments. In today’s episode we discuss how this crisis might […]