Chris Martenson: Three ways government agencies are harming your health

Peak Prosperity, Released on 1/4/22 In this video I present three sure fire ways to detect if your government actually cares about your health specifically or public health generally. Spoiler alert – most don’t. The dysfunction we are seeing with the health authorities is just the tip of a very rotten, and corrupt iceberg. The […]

Chris Martenson: Why are we fighting each other? Here’s why…

Peak Prosperity, Released on 7/21/21 Want to understand why people are fractured into groups and fighting each other? Here’s why… When social animals are shocked, physically or metaphorically, they tend to focus on nearby and identifiable (but usually the wrong) targets. The science on this stretches back decades. Whether intentional or not, these tactics are […]

Rand Paul Addresses the Push for Children to Get Vaccinated – ‘It’s all about submission’

Fox News, Released on 6/23/21 “It’s all about submission.” Dr. Rand Paul is the junior United States Senator for Kentucky. Elected in 2010, he has proven to be an outspoken champion for constitutional liberties and fiscal responsibility, and a warrior against government overreach. A graduate of Duke University School of Medicine, Rand was a practicing […]

Chris Martenson: THE UGLY TRUTH – Your health isn’t their priority

Peak Prosperity, Released on 10/29/20 Think your health and the common welfare is the top priority of your national health managers? Think again. Here I present evidence that even as new lockdowns are underway in France, there’s no apparent interest in the French health managers to use proven over the counter (OTC) supplements and treatments […]

Chris Martenson: Best Ways To Prevent & Treat Covid-19

Peak Prosperity, Released on 8/6/20 Given all that we know after our months of intensively tracking the coronavirus pandemic, what are the best ways to prevent & treat it? 1) Everyone should invest in boosting the “terrain” of their own body’s health. Boost your intake of Vitamins D & C, eat healthy, get plenty of […]

Chris Martenson: Covid-19 Lockdowns Doing Much More Harm Than Good?

Peak Prosperity, Released on 8/4/20 Back from a much-deserved vacation, Chris dives into the latest coronavirus data and several insights are becoming clear: 1) Covid-19 is so infectious (R0 of 5+) that it will pretty much make its way through a population regardless of the efforts to avoid it 2) But, it only severely affects […]

Coronavirus: More Evidence Of Long-Term Lung Damage

Peak Prosperity, Released on 5/13/20 As if we didn’t need more reasons NOT to desire to contract covid-19, new research underscores the lasting toll it can take on the lungs. In one new study, 66 out of 70 patients hospitalized with coronavirus-caused pneumonia were left with tissue lesions indicative of chronic lung disease. While we […]