Felix Zulauf: ‘Hell Will Break Loose’ — The Next Big Crisis Will Be A Shocker

The Julia La Roche Show, Released on 12/19/23 0:00 Intro and Welcome Felix Zulauf 1:12 Macro view, geopolitical impact, changing world order 2:40 Equity markets likely to go up first, then drop 3:50 Inflation could rise above 10% 5:20 Nimble and flexible 7:29 Playing the markets in the environment 9:40 Fund managers piling into Magnificent […]

Felix Zulauf: Interest Rate To Spike To Above 8%, Trigger ‘Depression’, Wipe Out Wealth

The David Lin Report, Released on 12/7/23 (Recorded on 12/6/23) Later in the decade, the economic is headed for a crisis never before seen, according to Felix Zulauf, Founder of Zulauf Consulting. Here’s why. 0:00 – Intro 1:05 – Job openings declined 6:10 – Gold 10:20 – Multi-polar world 14:42 – Economic crisis 17:47 – […]

Bill Fleckenstein, Grant Williams, and Felix Zulauf: The End Game Episode 9

The End Game Podcast, Released on 10/15/20 Bill and Grant welcome the incomparable Felix Zulauf to The End Game. What follows is a true masterclass in macro thinking as Felix joins a complicated series of dots to lay out both a cohesive vision of the present, and an impressive roadmap for the future. The likely […]