Trump Wins 2024 — Chaos to Follow with Martin Armstrong

Trump Wins 2024 — Chaos to Follow with Martin Armstrong

Financial Survival Network, Released on 6/21/24 In this exclusive interview, Martin Armstrong delves into the current economic and political landscape. Armstrong expresses concerns about the elites’ potential actions to prevent Trump from winning the upcoming election and the desire for war as a political tool. He forecasts a decline in the economy until 2028, citing […]

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – CIA Propaganda & Information Manipulation

Shawn Ryan Show, Released on 6/17/24 Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an author, attorney, activist and 2024 Presidential Candidate. Kennedy is known for his family’s long history of public service and his dissenting opinions that circle the rigid “Left” and “Right” view points. Kennedy has spent many years “fighting corrupt government agencies” and corporations alike. […]

Chris Martenson: Can America Survive A Corrupt Court System?

Peak Prosperity, Released on 5/31/24 It’s impossible for the US to survive, let alone thrive, with a corrupt court system. Our money is faith-based, and that requires a lot of trust to persist. The Trump trial in NYC was improperly conducted to such a degree that everyone was questioning it. Whatever was driving “judge” Merchan, […]

Ron Paul: What’s Really Behind The Capitol Hill Chaos?

Ron Paul Liberty Report, Released on 1/7/21 Was it “treason”? A “coup attempt”? What happened on Capitol Hill yesterday? There is plenty of speculation about out-of-control Trump supporters – and Federal prosecutors are champing at the bit to begin prosecuting. Were there violent infiltrators who led the charge? Were there any other strange factors that […]