E.B. Tucker: The Fed is Ruining Your Life But You Can Still Win the Inflation Game

ITM Trading, Released on 4/26/24 “Gold is basically the best sleeping aide,” says E.B.Tucker, bestselling author of “Why Gold, Why Now?” In a captivating interview with Daniela Cambone, Tucker urges us to live in the moment and reject ideological constraints. He further stresses that the spiraling national debt is not the most pressing issue facing […]

GOLD: Winning Time – Mining Stocks Need to Learn This | EB Tucker

Soar Financially, Released on 4/2/24 EB Tucker, publisher of The Tucker Letter www.ebtucker.com joins us for an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW. We discuss what mining can and needs to learn from the Lakers, gold price manipulation, mining stock capitulation, psychological aspects of investing and predictions for future economic systems and the societal shift towards digital currency. 00:00 […]

Gold Price to More Than Double: Safe-Haven’s Surge to $5,000 by 2030 – EB Tucker

Kitco News, Released on 1/25/24 Join Jeremy Szafron, Anchor at Kitco News, for an interview with EB Tucker, The Tucker Letter, where he unveils his bold predictions for the future of gold. Discover why Tucker believes gold is set to soar to an unprecedented $5,000 by 2030 and how this could redefine the landscape of […]

EB Tucker: Powell’s Fed Won’t Stop Until It Sees the Whites of Your Eyes (Part 1/2)

Stansberry Research, Released on 5/5/23 For Part 2 of this interview, CLICK HERE “The attitude of market people in the U.S. is kind of like wanting your house to burn down so that you can get the insurance money,” says E.B. Tucker, bestselling author of Why Gold, Why Now? He argues that while people may […]

E.B. Tucker: Massive cyberattack by 2030 will usher in CBDCs & ‘total control’

Kitco News, Released on 3/12/23 E.B. Tucker, Director at Metalla Royalty and Author of “Why Gold? Why Now”, joins Michelle Makori, Editor-in-Chief and Lead Anchor at Kitco News, to discuss why he thinks a cyberattack will be used as pretense to bring in Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) like FedCoin, giving government unprecedented control. Tucker […]

E.B. Tucker: The Real Reason Central Banks Are Desperate to Hoard Gold

Stansberry Research, Released on 1/20/23 “Big tech companies are laying off 10% of their workforce, this is going to have a huge effect,” warns E.B. Tucker, bestselling author of Why Gold, Why Now? “We are slowly grinding towards a position where something weak will crack,” he tells Daniela Cambone on this episode of Powershift: Outlook […]

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