Brent Johnson: US Dollar, Gold, Macroeconomic Landscape

Strategic Wealth Preservation – SWP, Released on 3/1/24 Join Brent Johnson, founder of Santiago Capital, as he dives deep into the Dollar Milkshake Theory. In this eye-opening discussion, we explore how the global liquidity crises impacts the U.S. dollar, gold, and other assets. Plus, get insights into the current macroeconomic landscape and the role of […]

Brent Johnson: The Dollar Milkshake Theory is Stronger Than Ever

Real Vision Finance, Released on 10/24/22 (Recorded on 10/11/22) Brent Johnson first spoke about his “dollar milkshake” theory on Real Vision in May 2018 Since then, by his estimate, he’s said “milkshake” “a million times.” As he sees it, the U.S. enjoys a comparative advantage – despite all of its problems – and, as […]

Market Update w/Brent Johnson: Stocks Plunge! How Bad Will It Get?

Peak Prosperity, Released on 9/4/20 (Recorded on 9/3/2) This week’s guest expert, Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital explains the Dollar Milkshake Theory and why he predicts the vast one-sided trade against the US dollar is dangerously wrong. In the short term, if surprised by a sharply-rising dollar, markets will likely sell-off further. Brent Johnson is […]

Brent Johnson (Is Dollar Milkshake Still Valid? Swap Lines, TGA, US Inflation, & Much More!)

George Gammon, Released on 6/29/20 Fintwit superstar Brent Johnson and I sit down to talk about the current macro environment, what his thoughts are RIGHT NOW on the dollar milkshake theory (has he changed his view?), the Federal Reserve using swap lines as political weapons and much much more. This Episode is going to blow […]

Mike Maloney & Brent Johnson: Trading the Dollar Milkshake Theory & $5000 Gold

Gold Silver (w/ Mike Maloney), Released on 6/25/20 We’ve had many requests for Mike Maloney’s opinion on Brent Johnson’s ‘Dollar Milkshake Theory’, so we decided to go one better – a conversation between Mike and Brent covering the dollar, gold, and their expectations for the economy in general. Don’t miss this 25 minute clip, it […]

Brent Johnson: Updating the Dollar Milkshake Theory and $5000 Gold

Palisade Radio, Released on 6/19/20 Time Stamp References: 0:40 – The Milkshake Theory 3:30 – Recent update, equities higer and timing. 7:50 – Confidence and being open to being wrong. 12:30 – Two different dollar markets – Eurodollars. 15:30 – Betting with Peter Schiff. 17:00 – New dollars vs. more dollars. 20:00 – Why the […]

The Dollar Milkshake Theory: A Global Currency Crisis – Robert Kiyosaki and Nick Santiago

Rich Dad Radio Show, Released on 6/1/20 Central banks have created a “milkshake” of different currencies and pushed liquidity into the global economy. As of 2016, the US started raising rates while the rest of the world was “mixing” the milkshake. As a result, raising rates acts as a straw that sucks the capital into […]